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    11 RXP-X engine running on 05 electronics. Possilble??

    Hey guys, I picked up an 05 RXT that was making some noise, hoping it would be an easy fix. The ski ends up needing a whole rebuild due to a broken balancer shaft that didn't spin the oil pump to feed oi to the engine. I've been looking around for a replacement motor when I came across a 2011 RXP-X motor with supercharger, harness, intercooler, cluster and some other parts for a decent deal.

    My question is: can I run the 11 RXP-X engine in my 05 RXT using the electronics off the 05? Then get my 05 ecu remapped to run the '11RXP-X program?

    In the research that I've done. Everyone uses the electronics from the later model ski, but in doing so, they have to swap out all the harnesses in their ski. I would really like to do the same but my budget just wouldn'tallow it.

    I'm looking into the 2011 engine because it looks seadoo did their best to fix all their errors in the previous years. Like the weak valves and what not in the 04/05.

    Let me know what you guys think!! Any help appreciated. Thanks!


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    The 11' crank trigger is clocked in a different spot on the crank gear, VS the 05. If u re-pinned the 11'crank to 05' specs, you could run the 05' PTO cover which would work with the 05' electronics. You would also need to run the 05' oil separator on the front of the engine to run the 05 harness & sensors.

    As far as the ECU goes, u cant run an 11' flash with an 05' harness. 04'-05' are the same, and 07'-11' are the same. The sensors, connectors, and dash clusters are different between those years.

    Read up here :
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