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    Performance parts for 951 and 787

    Looking for a few performance parts. Ready to purchase now. I'm hoping for most of these for my 787 first with the 951 to follow but will buy for either.

    Rossier Pipe
    Beach House Sponsons
    Novi Carbs (prefer 42mm)
    Miller Head


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    That Rossier pipe for 787 is a bit of a dud! 951 version works great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seadoodoc View Post
    That Rossier pipe for 787 is a bit of a dud! 951 version works great!
    Really, that's too bad. I was under the impression it did fairly well compared to the other offerings. The one reason I'm after that particular pipe is the fact it can run on 91ish. I have enough other toys that I have to run 50/50 mixes in; I don't need another one, lol.

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    My experience circa 97 was if Factory Pipe made 15 extra hp, Rossier made 7. Lots of trouble with coupler assemble. Really the FP runs 7300 all day safe and fast. I was sponsored by Tim and Joe in 2001 and the 951 pipe is very impressive. I was the Mule for testing. Great rec pipe and safe rpm on 951 at 7100 range. Rossier guys admitted 787 pipe was a bit of a failure.

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    Well Doc, the more research I am doing; the more I am leaning your way. I'm spending the money to make this thing rip. I'm going to go with a Group K sleeper kit so it only makes sense to install the best pipe I can. I was originally set on WCM but they apparently don't believe in answering their phones or responding to emails. I guess I don't mind a little tuning, I'm used to it with all my other toys lol. I'm going to leave the 951 stock until I get this one dialed in, then I'll start the motor build on that one this next winter.

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    I've had great results with the Rossier 787 pipe on pump gas. Great tone, great revs, got to 61mph on 93 octane. It just needs aftermarket carbs and a little advance in timing. Neptune, Factory Pipe (Spec 1 and 2), and Coffman's race are more aggressive options.

    I have a good complete set of Beach House X4 sponsons for $150 shipped. I have many aftermarket heads I'd part with for $200-$300 shipped. I don't think I have any more that say "Miller" but the Buckshot ones are built the same.

    (850)259-1581 Thanks, Matt

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