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    99 ultra 150 help

    I have an early model 99 ultra 150, I have a question about spark plugs . It calls for R6918C-9 spark plugs, is there an alternative plug that doesn't cost $25, or a plug others use that work good. The previous owner has BR9ES installed, is that that an acceptable alternative?

    Also I have a question about the fuel sending unit, it's suck at 3/4 of a tank, I pulled it out an did the resistance test per the manual an the resistance stays the same no matter where I put the float. I bought one off eBay for a 2001 an it did the same thing, but it did the same thing, and the guy says they worked when pulled from the ski, but I also read somewhere that 99 only works with 99. Is there any way to repair them or are they garbage. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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    The expensive plugs were required on hull number 41803 and below, assuming your 'Ski has the original igniter. I use them because they came with all the '99s and they seem to resist fouling. When you sent in your warranty card for a new 'Ski, they sent you a spare set of plugs. I'm still running the original two sets of plugs, just clean them every season.

    My fuel gauge failed, so I replaced it. They certainly don't give them away, now they're about $328. I took my old one apart and tried to straighten it with a heat gun (they warp with age, probably because of ethanol and all the other crap they put in gasoline these days). Mine worked until I heated it, then it wouldn't work. My nephew just bought a 2000 and we pulled the sending unit yesterday, it didn't work. For grins, we dug out my old sender and checked it, it DID work. I don't see any difference in the '99 and '00, though I've heard they are year-specific. The engine is out, so we can't test it with the gauge to see if it works or not.

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    99-01 sending units are all thr same 02-05 dont have a vent coming form the sending unit anymore. That is the only diff

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    '99 has a different part number from the '00-'01.

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    Didn't know that, maybe 00-01 are updated? But cant see why they wouldn't work. I used one from a 00 in an 02, worked perfectly fine.

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