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    What should I get?

    Hey guys I'm in need of your opinions. I want a new pwc looking to spend up to 20k Australian want something reliable and strong have been hearing a lot of good things from Yamaha. Want a supercharged pwc aswell. The pwc is going to be used for wave jumping. Need something strong with good engine mounts and can take a fair bit of abuse. Also 2 seater would be nice. And something with a good power to weight ratio. And I know the supercharged pwc use a lot fuel but I don't want something that guzzles it

    What i should I get?
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    I think there's ..... about 2,000,000 threads here asking exactly that.
    ...most are in this section - somewhere.

    Personally I am a Sea-Doo fan, and the best rec. i can make based upon your 'wants' is a GTR.

    ...welcome to the 'HULK.

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    There really is no physical difference in size between those listed as 2 seaters and those listed as 3 seaters, except for the Spark, which doesn't fit what you are looking for anyways. You really won't go wrong with any of the 3 manufacturers out there. Im sure the fan boys of each brand will chime in and start arguing, but just pick what you like and have fun.

    If you really want to beat on it, I might be concerned with the Yamaha Nano hulls. They are for the most part good,but we have seen a few stories of hull failures with them, mostly caused by rough use, drive on docks, etc.

    Any ski used exclusively for wave jumping will be subjected to stresses that the craft was not really designed for. They generally hold up, but be prepared to break some things and do more maintenance.

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    I will be picking up my first ever ski next week.. for what it's worth, I went with the seadoo RXT-X.

    After doing a lot of research, and looking at it in person, I felt like this would be the best ski for me. It also had everything I wanted.

    Oh, then I saw this video

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    Can someone tell me a list of Yamaha and seadoo models I should be looking at?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liamm01 View Post
    Can someone tell me a list of Yamaha and seadoo models I should be looking at?
    I would just go to each manufacturer's website and do some looking around

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    I want to get into the more off shore and Great lakes stuff. So:

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    Liam, as stated I don't think you can go too wrong with any of the big 3.
    For me I had similar 'wants' but wanted a 3 seater. I was looking at SHO, GTR 215, RXT-X 255/260, 260/300/310 Kawi.
    For my final choice mostly came down to aesthetics! They all ticked boxes for me regarding, power, speed, reliability, etc.
    I personally don't really dig the Kawasaki's much, not sure why but they just don't push my buttons (think it's something to do with the nose & seat...). The seadoo's looked alright but were significantly more expensive than the equivalent Yammie down here. I liked the black and green theme of the SHO, the ease of which good speed can be extracted from them relatively cheaply and they're happy to plug around all day with minimal additional maintenance.

    Just buy, ride, enjoy!

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