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    95 spx electrical question


    New to fourum...I have a problem with my SPX. There is a small electrical discharge from I think the trim system. I say that because if I take out the fuse for the VPS motor, the system has no drain. I took it into a seadoo dealer, but he could not find the problem..If the unit does not run for a week or so, it totally drains the battery..Any ideas???

    Thanks in advance!!


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    Welcome Scott! Maybe your VTS brain is going bad? You have no DESS to drain...I'd order a new VTS housing, which contains the brain.

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    welcome to the world of seadoo . seadoos ruin batteries . my oddisey battery came with a diclaimer reguarding seadoo and the battery not being covered . i have three seadoos and all will drain the battery in about two weeks . disconect the battery or get a float charger .

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    Welcome to the forum Scott

    Here is a good link on diagnosing that VTS
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