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    WA - Performance PWC Rentals?


    I've really enjoyed reading \ learning a lot recently in the GH forums about all the cool mods people have done to their boats. I don't currently own a PWC but have had a few in the past. I live in WA state - Seattle in particular but I also have a house in Lake Chelan, WA which is a large, deep lake (50 miles long) that is a very popular summer destination here in WA. Every year I consider buying a performance Ski like a Yamaha FZR\FZS but I can't ever seem to justify it because we can only ride here a few months out of the year. The other issue is that no one else in my family is really into it, (kids too young, wife not a fan : ) My wife just wants to go out on our boat instead.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows of a place \ individual who rents performance PWCs in WA state? My guess is NO due to liability, etc. but I thought I'd ask anyway. The other idea I have is maybe a trade for a few nights at my Lake House for a few hours on a fast PWC.

    Thanks in any case,

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    Several years ago there was a place here in Pierce County that rented Seadoo RXTs and RXPs. $250 a day or $500 for a weekend. Unfortunately, they are long gone and Ive never found any other place that rents high performance (ie 185+hp) PWC in WA. I know Lake Chelan fairly well. Big time chop in afternoon and plenty of floating wood to keep you on your toes! Will be in Chelan this summer if you want to try Kawi Ultra. No problem if you have chase boat. You are right that some people only ride a few months a year here. However, if you have right gear you can easily ride 9 months+. Today was outstanding on the sound!

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    Cool thanks. Yup it does get choppy on that lake, random floating logs can be a be a problem too : ) When we get closer to the summer I'll PM you our planned dates to see if there is a chance to meet up. Glad you had a good day on the sound today, it was beautiful.

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