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    2009 FZR top end speed down

    new to the forum, have a 09 fzr, riva exhaust, riva air intake, R&D sponsons, Riva nozzle, riva ride plate, intake grate,
    Just back on water after winter as I'm living in Ireland, serviced the ski(new Plugs, oil filter and oil) and found after fist ride on Ocean the top end speed is well down, last year speed was hitting 70 at ease, now barely hitting 65 flat out, I did notice at flat out I could feel hesitation coming from under the ski, like pump was intermittently stalling for split second, engine runs fine and revs to over 7500 rpm, 105 hrs on ski, could plugs do this? Poor petrol/ stale? Also noticed on tick over water was not pumping constantly out back of ski from nozzle, is this normal?
    any help welcome

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    If it's old fuel , that could definitely be the problem

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    The gay spray on the back of your ski Is never to be used as an indicator or used as a reason to do a repair. Some people thing they indicate the engines water flow. Unfortunatly, it has nothing to do with your engines performance.

    Likely bad fuel and dirty plugs. It takes special effort to completely drain the bad fuel but id also pop off fuel rail and clean injectors with carb spray.
    Dirty Fuel filters can do this. Takin apartyour fuel
    Pump is a little teadious, but might need to be done as well. Carb spray works fine on the filter too.

    Put some marvel mystery oil in your fuel as well, leave out the other junk additives and keep MMO on hand.

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    sounds like your hitting the limiter, check liner to impeller clearance

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