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    A question arises about fuel consumption

    I want to build my ski for rec and fun racing with a littel nose up from the stock ones.
    I have stock fuel pump and stock fpr.
    To hold the tunes on the safe side, I mount the vt1100 in
    and I will be start and going on with a 8375 vt11xxxxxx tune file.

    At the moment I start with all the mods (see in my signature) in the new season.
    I do auto datalogging all the time - maybe later I have other questions....
    ...but at the moment a question arises about fuel consumption with vt11 injektors and Impeller.

    In my vacation late summer we want to do some long distance rides about 90miles.
    Last year all bone stock - I can do this easy with one fuel tank (RXT-Xas = 18gal).
    I drive all the way with ECO around 6000 - 6.500rpm and the stock impeller 14/25.

    This year with the 15/20 and vt11, I guess I will need much more fuel at the same rpm and distance.

    What do you think?

    (to ignor water/wave conditions)

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    if the vt1100 tune is correct it should not use any more than the stock tune did in eco mode
    when your at low rpm you have low/no boost and the motor can run very lean with out damage
    bigger injectors can flow more fuel at lower fuel psi but that does not mean they have to

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    I can still get my ski to run that far if I absolutely keep it out of boost the whole time And I have a 16 gallon tank.

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    In eco mode the ski runs a LOT leaner then it does in normal mode.
    So if you gonna use it for long trips, LOG it , this goes for stock and tuned machines.

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