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    Prospective Kawai purchase

    Hey yall. So i currently am working on my 04 yama 1200 and a 95 raider 1100, but buddy just sent me a posting of a sale of two skis for $1k with the dual trailer. Here is what I know, seller said one is a 99 Kawa 1100 zxi. Says it isnt running and was told that it just needs carb work on done. I am planning to go over there this week and check it out. Taking my compression tester and some other things to look it over.

    My question is, as I am already working on two ski's, are these somewhat decent to work on if the motor seems to check out?

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    "Needs carb work" usually translates to far more than just carb work. Compression is a good start, but buying a non running ski is a crap shoot. Could be just carb work or a complete basket case, bad electrics, mechanics, you just don't know.

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    The 1100 ZXi is a fun 'Ski. Weak spots include electric trim, oil pump drive bearings, and trash plugging the stator cooling chamber (under the oil pump).

    This model year uses the CV carburetors, which cost more to overhaul than the older carbs. Keep in mind that 'just needs carb work' means that it was running lean, and it may have stuck a piston. A properly setup carb will never just start running rich, they get trash in them and always go lean. It will cost about $250 to do the carbs.

    In good running condition, it would probably be worth $1500 - 1800. I've learned the hard way that non-running 'Skis always cost more to fix than you think they will.

    Take a battery booster pack, just in case the battery is dead. If the compression is good, test the electric trim. Non-working trim can run hundreds of dollars. A top overhaul will set you back nearly $600 for Kawi parts & gaskets, assuming the crank & cylinders are in good shape.

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