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    question about blinking red warning light on MFI display, Genesis 2003

    Purchased a 2003 Genesis with no manual.

    Probably this is gona be silly question but just need some help. At start up the light above the oil symbols blinks when I start it for couples of times then it goes off at idle is this normal.

    Also when engaging reverse it stays blinking.

    Again new to the pwc thanks
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    Please click on my signature links for lots of useful info, including how the MFI display works.

    The red warning lamp flashes several times when the display wakes up. After that, if the red is flashing there will be a message on the display telling you why. Reverse mode will flash the lamp while indicating Reverse on the display.

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    No message it just blinks couple time at start up then it doesn't do it no more

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