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    Q's about Spec II race and rec

    I'm currently looking at a pipe for my 97 SPX. I've located 2 of them; but I'm confused on the differences between the 2. I understand the rec includes a mount to attach to the motor and has a longer stinger? Are there any differences in performances between the 2?

    I'm after a pipe with the most midrange; top speed is not really a concern for me.
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    If I remember correctly, the race has a shorter stinger pipe than the rec...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiny View Post
    If I remember correctly, the race has a shorter stinger pipe than the rec...
    Thanks, that's exactly right. I got a hold of Factory directly and that's what they said. It's also interesting to note that they only designed one pipe. They produced a ton and sold them to/through a race shop; and they were the ones that ended up modifying the stinger for racing. The shorter stinger provided a little more top end. You'd be surprised at how many different answers are floating around as to the difference between the two.

    I also just found out that the rev limit on the 95-96 XP's will not work with a 99SPX due to the inclusion of the CDI in the MPEM. So now I have to see about changing my MPEM out for one from a 96. From the research I've done they appear to be compatible.

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