Hello all...I posted this over at PWCT also. I still have no spark on this thing. I installed a new SBT stator assembly in this thing and it still has no spark! Things I have done so far...swapped known good cdi, ignition coil, and kill switch. Installed new stator assembly and harness. Checked EVERY ground, and sanded all down to bare metal. Removed flywheel to check for proper depth..(there is no way to get it wrong, but I am grasping at straws)! Here is where I am at now...Can a thermo switch or rectifier cause a no spark condition? When the thermo closes it normally goes in limp mode and limits RPM. Can a flywheel be bad? Mine had magnetism when checked with a screwdriver. And lastly....I noticed the start/stop plugs (the ebox side) were laying in oil while the motor was out. I think I cleaned them...but right now I am second guessing everything now. One last thing...does anyone have a detailed description of how to test for pulse and pulse voltage, and charge coil voltage? As in what wire is the HOT wire? I want to make sure I am testing these components correctly. I have not actually SEEN pulse voltage yet. If I understand it correctly...test pulse with a analog meter, hot wire is the white with red tracer, and meter black test lead goes to ground. Any help or advice is appreciated...I feel the problem is right under my nose, but I am missing it!