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    Weber turbo engine on MSX 110/150, Remove oil separator/cyclone?

    It's possible to remove the cyclone from tank oil on MSX 110/150 and use a oil breather filter?

    The purpose is to avoid the suction of oil into the air intake and protection of the map sensors.
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    Do you have the stock metal round oil tank? With the oil separator/cyclone mounted to the side of it?

    If so, here is what I would do. Leave the separator on. If your separator has a small hole in it (faces upwards... some do not have this hole), put a piece of tape over it so no water can get in the hole. Next, remove the long hose that goes from the separator all the way around the oil tank, over the exhaust manifold to the airbox. Just remove this entire hose. Cap off the airbox where the hose connected (or tape). On the separator where that hose connected, run a smaller length of hose to an oil catch can with a breather on it. This will act as a rollover tank and should catch the oil and separate the vapors. You can buy a nice oil catch can or even use a simple bottle with a hole in the side to put the hose and fill it with steel wool to trap the oil vapors... and put a filter on top. I've zip-tied one like this to my big fat exhaust loop hose so it was near the separator.

    With that recirc emissions vapor hose removed, you can no longer ingest oil into the intake, through the turbo and into the intake tract (where it will ruin the MAP sensors).

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    Great ripcuda, this is exactly what I wanted to do!!

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