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    GP1200R - Should I keep it or sell it? NEED HELP!

    Hello all
    I am new to posting on the forum although I have been reading since I got my first ski last year (thanks to everybody in the community).
    Anyways, my question is pretty simple. SHOULD I KEEP OR SELL MY GP1200R?

    A little background of why I am asking this question: Last year my and my buddy purchased 2 of these identical gp1200r together from the same seller. We tested them out on a lake he lived by and they ran great. No problems. We purchased them and went on our way. We only got to drive them for less than a hour the following weekend and the rubber coupler inside the engine bay went bad on one of them not allowing it to run. At that time we also realized the other ski that was still running had a major gash directly on the bottom of the hull that was causing it to take in a good amount of water. At this point we were only ridden for less than a hour after we got them.

    I have a bit of experience with fiberglass from the original fast and furious days lol. Anyways we were able to grind and clean the bottom of the hull and lay a good 4 layers of fiberglass and resin. We sanded it down and painted it with boat paint. That repair is still holding up good as new to this day thank god. The other ski with the bad coupler I managed to fix with my father who has a good amount of mechanical experience and tools. When I was switching out that coupler I noticed 2 of the engine mounts were bad so I replaced only the 2 that were bad. Put everything back together and it ran great. Now we have both skis on the water running again.

    We got about a good 3 to 4 hours of riding them (we did notice some bogging down of acceleration with them after running for a bit). They seemed to be running great. We were on the lake together and the one with the previous bad coupler made a clunk and turned off. I thought it was something engine related because it would not even turn on. When I got it out of the water it turned on and ran fine but I could hear a rattling noise coming from the pump area. We took both of them home and flushed them like we normally had.

    Now I have one with something bad in the jet pump so me and my father again went in to repair it. We begin to remove the first 4 long bolts holding the back of the pump housing on and 1 of the heads broke off and the other bold got twisted and was jammed. At this point I did not want to cause anymore damage so I decided to take it in to a very reputable mechanic. He checked it out and told me alot of the components of the jet pump housing were damaged. He said some of the splines on the midshaft were bad and the original pump housing (where the wear ring usually is) was worn out. I asked him how the splines got damaged because when I replaced the coupler a few months previous they seemed fine. He told me it was most likely because I did not reinstall the motor perfectly alligned and this could have cause this. (This sounded a bit off to me since the engine really only bolts in 1 way and I replaced all the shims as they were removed) Anways, he gave me a list of thing that needed to be replaced which came to about $1500 installed. While he was going to be in there I went ahead and had him throw in some extra parts like the engine mounts and the wave eater clips. I decided not to do the dplate because my catalytic converter was in very good condition when I checked it out and he told me the same thing. Here is a list of everything that was just redone bringing the total up closer to $2000.
    - Yamaha Driveshaft
    - Jet Pump Housing
    - Impeller Duct housing
    - Coupler Shaft
    - 2 extra motor mounts (now all 4 are new)
    - PTO Coupler
    - New Plugs
    - Carbs Rebuilt with Mikuni Kit
    - Riva Impeller
    - Wave Eater Clips
    - I did not get the dplate but I will install it myself at the end of the this season if I do decide to keep it.

    (The ski sat for a about 4 months before I took it to my mechanic since it was the winter. I live in Fl and the ski is indoors so it didnt see a cold winter)
    I just got this ski back from my mechanic after he had it for about 2 weeks and did all that work. All the parts were ordered from sbt. I have put about 1 hour on it since I got it back and it really is running great. Sounds good and start right up. Quick pick up and good power all the way through. It really is a beast of a machine which is why I wanted it in the first place.

    With all that being said should I keep or sell this ski??? I want something that is reliable with a little bit of pep to it. I love this ski but my mechanic has warned me that they are expensive to maintain and fix if something was to go wrong with the engine or it blows up. I just wanted some advice from previous owners or people who have been around these skis. I do not want to have to throw 2,000 at it every year. I would like to keep something for the next 4 years. Since I got most of the pump redone and my motor does not have any issues right now should I be good to go for a while? The ski has between 100-120 hours since the guage is damaged I cannot tell exactly. I believe the engine was rebuilt at some point previously but I have no proof. My mechanic told me that the pressure is good on all 3 pistons. I have waveeater clips and with the redone carbs it sounds and rides nice with much less smoke than before. I have always run yamalube on it and nothing else. The mechanic tells me the engine sounds good but of course cant make any promises on how long it will last. Would attempting to rebuild the engine myself with my father at the end of this year be a good idea? He has pretty extensive auto mechanical knowledge and all the tools. How much would that cost me in parts to do the job correctly myself?

    BTW I have also replaced all the mats and the seat on this ski so I do have a lil bit of extra money and time invested in it.

    Any suggestions /comments are appreciated

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    Don't what your budget would be for a newer ski and this ski being a 2000-2002?

    Things have come a long way in the PWC world technology and performance wise that would put a smile on your face..

    Ill tell you this ..I believe once you go boost you'll never go back to 2 me

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    don't be afraid , that can happen to any watercraft old or new , just ride it and enjoy .

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    If you enjoy this ski,,, keep it. You won't get a whole lot for it if you sell it. You definitely won't get what you've invested. If this ski isn't everything you expected, and you find yourself wanting, then take the loss, and get the ski that fits you best.
    I appreciate many different skis, each for their uniqueness, and enjoy them all.

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    sounds like you have given the ski a new life with all the maintenance. With proper care you should be good to go for a least a few more years. As mentioned, obviously anything can happen, big or small, same goes for new. New does not equal reliable by any means. The GPR is a great ski that is pretty quick and there is tons of info & parts available for it.
    I say keep it & enjoy it. Although newer & pricier skis have feature better designs and technology, they dont make the smiles any bigger. You can have just as much fun on a GPR as most new skis and have quite a bit of coin left over.

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    Keep it, it was the last of a dying breed and is a classic. I consider it the Banshee of skis. I will never get rid of mine but I will eventually add a 4 stroke to the mix. My buddy has a Fx SHO and a 300x and although fast and fun they don't handle like the GPR hull. That said, when I get around to buying a 4 stroke it will most likely be a 300x or 310r, that supercharger wine is intoxicating.

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