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    Gallery: 2nd Annual Crescent City Freeride 2015

    The 2nd annual Crescent City Freeride went down this past weekend despite some controversy that had been stirred up over the past few weeks from a few local protesters. The local protesters had caused quite a public spectacle out of the gathering by making some wild accusations about the effects that the jet skis might have on the beach. This did scare off a few riders as they did not want to be involved with the controversy. Most of us chose to make the trip and ride in support of protecting the ride spot for future riders. In the end it was the right decision.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com

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    Screw them asswads Tell them there footprints disrupt the turtle migration Thewe people have no clue. Anyways. Looks like a good ride u had. Keep riding!!!!!

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