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Thread: Ski won't start

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    Ski won't start

    2003 SeaDoo GTI w/720 motor

    Beeps twice like it should when the key is connected.
    Fuses are all good

    Cannot seem to get it to start.
    I thought the spark was weak. So, I cleaned all the connections and replaced...

    Still wouldn't start on its own, but would on ether. Noticed the fuel/water separator was empty. So, I just replaced the o-ring at the fuel/water separator and that did not help. The fuel lines are not grey and look good inside and out. The Carborator and fuel selector switch is less than two months old and had been ran less than 20 minutes.

    Also, I've drained two batteries cranking on the engine, one of which is less than two months old. Both were fully charged (they are charged again now).

    Any ideas on what to do next?

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    Test compression.

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    135 each hole

    It will start on ether, but die out quickly. So, it must be fuel related...right? I started to check the fuel system for leaks, but I don't really know how to do that. Plus, I think I've taken care of the common areas for leaks.

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    Fuel pump?

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    blow through all of the fuel lines and the fuel valve make sure nothing is clogged. make sure the pulse line and fuel lines are hooked up to the carb properly there are arrows on the carb to help you. try spraying wd40 into the "fuel in" fitting on the carb. sometimes the fuel pump dries out and stops working

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    Is the fuel pump part of the carburetor?
    If so, the carburetor is brand new.

    What are your thoughts on the fuel/water separator being empty? I thought fuel pump initially as well, but I guess it could be a vacuum leak. I will blow air into the lines, check the lines in/out of the carb and try the wd40 trick hopefully in the next day or so.

    Also...Does the fuel system not pressurize itself?
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    While cranking with choke on and plugs out you should notice the fuel separator/filter filling up. If nothing is happening then for some reason it's not pumping.

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