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Thread: Boat buckles?

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    Boat buckles?

    Hey everyone,

    Pardon me for such a silly question.. but I had this saved to my amazon cart to buy, but have no idea what it's used for.. I was told to get two though..

    looking at pictures, it seems like you use them on the back of the ski and it's held down by the trailer. Is the main purpose of this for trailing your ski and keeping it extra secured.. or no


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    Yep boat buckles are great but make sure you get the stainless steel version so they don't corrode. I have them on my ski its like a seat belt but you can lock them in place with a ratchet
    See here

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    But is the retract spring stainless steel? Once the spring breaks they are not better than regular tie downs.

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    I've had a set of them for years, no corrosion on them. We keep ours inside most of the time. They shouldn't rust if you keep them in the garage or the vehicle. The only time they need to be on is when you are actually rolling down the road.

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