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    Help picking my first ski

    Hey y'all, I need help deciding what to purchase as my first ever PWC. We have a boat and I've always been around boats and know a good bit about them. but other than riding a few jetskis around on the lake I don't know much about them.

    I would like to stay below $3000 so obviously it will be used and not brand new but I live on a lake and am just looking for one to ride around and have a good time on.
    I will be purchasing one soon and from what I've heard y'all know whats what when it comes to PWC so any info is welcome and any other tips or tricks when buying riding etc can't hurt a thing. Thanks!

    Also, I have found a 04 Yamaha GP800R wave runner with 37 hours on it that has always been garage kept and has no blemishes that I have seen so far. But I needs new rings. He is asking $1500 for ski and trailer. Is it worth purchasing and fixing or is it a waste of time?

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    Personally wouldn't bother with a 800 if you want a 2 stroke get a 1200 or 1300 gp, if you want to have reliability I'd get a 4 stroke such as a fx 140 or 160 these things are great and in you're price range

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    37 hours on a 11 year old ski seems way too low. If you know some that has a yamaha diagnostic scanner, I'd try to have them scan it to verify that the hours on the cluster match the hours on the engine.

    Either way, as I said those hours are very low, and that means that the wave runner sat a lot. Anything with a motor (jet ski, car, motorcycle, etc) is not really meant to sit around. They need to be turned on and used to stay in good mechanical shape. The oil needs to move through the engine, parts need to stay lubricated.

    With that being said, too many hours is also not good obviously. If the wave runner was stored properly, then the extremely low hours are not too big of a concern.

    Personally, I'd recommend a FX 160. Has good enough power to have fun on the lake. It's a good and solid ski. You should be able to find a clean one for under $4k (probably right around $3k), with less than 200 hours.

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