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    NEWBIE! Just purchased a 2010 FZR, but now i have a problem.

    First of all,
    Hello to everyone, I would normally join a forum before I encountered a problem. I wasn't expecting to be posting problems at all to be true !
    So I have put roughly 15 hours on the ski and it has been running sweet, however last night I went out with my mate with his fzr. I noticed that now and again when we were going flat out in a slight chop that my revs would drop slightly to 6000 rpm for a second then go back to normal. The first time it done I stopped the ski and engine and it just turned over when trying to re-start but started 2nd time. The problem doesn't happen all the time but when it does its very frustrating. surely if the ski was jump out the water the engine would bounce off the limiter?
    What your thoughts?

    Luigi, UK

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    Sounds like the limiter to me. Maybe someone with an FZR can confirm? My GPR will do that in really rough conditions trying to go fast. The pump is out more than in and the limiter drops the powervalves slightly limiting rpm. Spooky the first time it happened to the engine hit a wall and wouldn't pull higher for a couple of seconds.

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    could be the clutch starting to go
    could be water in spark plug holes
    could be bad fuel
    just a couple of things to consider

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