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    what to do?

    What's up guys, didn't know if some one could help me out. I recently bought a 2002 polaris virage tx 1200. The piston was burned and the sleeve inside the jug had scorched marks on one of the cylinders. I have taken it apart and bought a new poison and ring set as well as a new sleeve for the jug and am having it pressed back in. The question I have is the jet has not ran in a while and some one told me that the carburetor probley needed to be rebuilt to keep this problem from happening again. I also would like to know of any common problems that I might need to fix before taking it out. Thanks

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    Have a look through my signature links for recommended maintenance items and common updates.

    Certainly the carburetor should be internally cleaned and rebuilt. Use genuine OEM rebuild kits, not aftermarket. If the fuel hoses are the original gray Tempo fuel hoses they should all be replaced with new, at the same time the carbs are rebuilt.

    Also install a new fuel filter. Replace the fuel selector valve to ensure it provides correct fuel flow and does not leak air into the fuel system.

    While the carburetor are removed check that the oil feed nipples are not clogged. It is critical that all the oil hoses be in good condition and the clamps properly hold the hoses. A new oil filter would be a good idea.

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