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    Impellers for 2005 Seadoo Speedster 200 370hp

    Finally ready to change the original impellers on my 200 370hp. Bought Solas SRX-CD-12/20 based on the solas application chart I found online for 185HP S/C. I fit them in the pump and it looks like I need 159mm vs. 155mm.

    Any recommendations on which Solas impeller would be right for my boat. I called a couple of shops around me and got different info from each shop.

    I'm thinking SRX-CD-14/19

    Boat is stock.

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    From my knowledge, If you have a Speedster 200 370hp, it has the twin 185's. They do require the 155.5mm impellers. If it was the Speedster 200 430hp, it would have the twin 215's which would require the 159mm impellers. Why do you think you need the 159mm over the 155.5mm? Now i could be wrong on this, hopefully others will chime in.

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