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    prop or IM upgrade with intake

    What gives the most benefit out of prop and intake with im upgrade. I will be going to riva racing tomorrow and picking up either or parts and wanted to get the best bang for my buck. I have searches the forum and everyone says something different

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    2012 FZR...correct? If you are installing the intake manifold upgrade (ribbon delete), then next step would be the power filter. You will see more performance benefits with the power filter & IMU (intake manifold upgrade) rather than an intake manifold upgrade, prop, with a stock air box.

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    If you do the air intake and ribbon delete you're most likely going to be banging the limiter with the stock prop, so really doing something with your prop is a good idea along with those mods and don't forget the free flow exhaust (aftermarket or free mod) and removal of the foam inserts in the side cowls. For the prop you can either repitch your stock one or put a Skat 13/20-21 on there to get the most out of the "stage 1" mods without hitting the limiter. Adding a Jim's cut FZ SVHO plate is another very good performance boost.

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    I have similar mods on my 2009 FZR (see signature below). I can run 73s all day, even in the summer. Just the manifold upgrade, powerfilter, and exhaust with the stock untouched prop will get you to mid 69-70mph. Adding a skat 13/20 will lower your rpms a bit BUT you will pick up about 1.5mph. I had tested my ski back to back with the stock prop and skat and gained speed with the skat even though I was down 300rpms
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