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    97 gp1200

    I posted in open discussion, no responses yet, but if someone here has run into this issue, I'd appreciate help. Standard 1200 engine turns over about 3 seconds, then it's completely dead. Start button won't do anything. If I jump selenoid post, it will turn over again few times then it's dead again. I installed new selenoid, ohm checked kill and start button. Same thing. When it's dead, all I have to do is cross selenoid, just a quick bump, then I can use start button. It turns over a few times then all dead again. If I keep a jumper on selenoid post, it's the same, turns over a few seconds and then everything quits. I think these units are grounded at stator, could a bad stator or pick ups create a bad spot where engine has to be turned past that point for it to crank over? Thanks

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    You've got a bad ground or something. Check the main power and ground going to the starter and engine block. If all the connections are good I would make sure the starter is in good shape (e.g. pull it off and bench test it with a battery).

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    Thanks, I was wrong about jumping selenoid post, it will keep cranking if jumped across which eliminates starter. Checked grounds, ohm checked stator ok, rechecked start and lanyard. Installed a different gauge cluster, same thing. All is dead until I quickly bump selenoid. After that I can use start button, it lasts 3 or 4 revolutions, then everything is dead. A quick selenoid bump, then same thing over again. Seems to quit turning over at same exact point. Weird. I work on these for a living, but haven't had this scenario before.

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