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    Just got my FZR seat on my white FZS. Need some help on fitmet.

    Fits a bit funky have to slam the seat hard so it can grab with the seat latch. Do i have to put my FZS seat latch on this seat? Heres a pic. WAY more comfortable.

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    Should fit like a glove.. Maybe some break in time after riding to soften it up

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    Love the seat, completely changes the ski

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    Hope so, also up front by the latch it fits rather high. I got to take some more pics so i can show you guys. Thanks i couldn't wait to get home to put it on, looks WAY better.

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    the latch has some movement i believe if you loosen it may be slightly to forward or aft. That tends to make you have to slam it to lock it. Try loosening the 2 bolts and adjusting it first.

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    Will try that tommorow, thanks scittb.

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    if theres no room for adjustment try the male side attached to the ski. its just one nut

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    Helped my buddy do the speed over ride on his and the ribbon delete today, wasn't able to do my exhaust cause i didnt find a 3 3/4 hole saw anywhere

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    Where did you get the seat and how much was it? I want to put only the front fzr seat on my Fzs and leave the rear fzs seat.

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    I got it from the dealer i work at i pay cost plus 10% which came out to like 250 with tax and everything out the door. Retail is like 400 almost i believe. Part number is F2R-U371A-40-00

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