It was blowing hard enough to kick up 2-3 foot wind chop. This is shot with a Sony as100v, 720p 120fps, stability on. NO CASE AS IT IS SPLASH PROOF. The mount is shit but works. Thank god for stability on the Sony.

My goal was to prove the new external fuel pump system works in ruff conditions but a true test will be on empty. As is usual on the delta the conditions can change with every turn. It goes from nice to shit in two miles. I was unable to stop without getting wet.

I have also been having trouble getting the ecu to learn the new boost profile with the new turbo so it keeps going to overboost mode and causing me to have to kill it and restart. After
i do this two or three times per outing it learns it and stops. So at the end of the video I am able to give her full throttle off the line. It jumps right on the limiter and on plain and sounds great with the new bov.

specs This is why I call it an S4 but it is much stronger than a hydrospace. Technically it has the same motor as the hydrospace standup race ski with another 40 hp and about 7k in internal upgrades. Max engine abilities are 25psi-30psi boost. Currently running 17psi at 65mph(full tank, 1 gallon water meth,all tools needed to rebuild ski)
fst block converted to MSX turbo manifold
850 big bore/ reinforced upper cylinder
CP forged pistons
CP billet H rods
Custom head studs
ceramic coated combustion chamber
Ti 10,000rpm rated rvalve springs
K04 turbo compression upgrage
precision stage 2 ecu rip(more like rip off)
walbro external fuel pump conversion
upgraded dry sump oil tank
custom exhaust/strait through.
stock impeller with added 1.5 pitch
50cc/min water methanol injection over 10psi boost
100oct fuel

It gets ruff at the 4 min mark and I demonstrate the off line throttle response and bov sound at the very end