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    Oil Pump 95 GTS 587 engine

    I was lucky enough to be the first person to reply to a CL add for a free seadoo with trailer. I had to load it on another trailer because the two tires were shot.

    I got it home, and hooked a battery to it, to see if it would crank. It would with the plugs removed, but not with them. I sprayed fogging oil into the cylinders since this has not ran in a couple of years. I did an inspection on the jet pump and found a destroyed wear ring, and a jammed rock.

    I removed the rock, and she fired up.

    When I got home, i found a lot of oil in the hull. None of the hoses appear to have leaked. No oil on the tank The oil pump feels oilly, but it could be the amount of oil in the hull.

    My gut is telling me that the oil pump is leaking. The sea doo has all new hoses except for the fuel vent line on the fuel tank.

    So my question is. How do I remove the oil pump with it on the ski? I figure I need to pull the carb off to get access to pump. Is there anything else I need to plan for?

    Can I still get gaskets for this engine if I need them?

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    I have never personally seen the actual oil pump leak. These mikuni pumps are well built and pretty much bullet proof. Are you sure the 2 small hoses coming from the pump to the check valve/injector are not crack? Most people never change these and are a very common place for leaks.

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    cool find....most of the time, its the grommett at the bottom of the oil tank that gives way. Over the years..etc, the oil will seep thru it, thus, the oil in hull and nothing in the bottle...very common

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