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    Need to drill into trailer

    I need to make two holes (7/16")

    What kind of bit should I use for this? I have no ideaaaa

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    Any bit for steel or aluminum will work

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    What material is the trailer made from? Typically aluminum or steel. If steel it may be painted or galvanized.

    Typically one would use an electric drill using a drill bit, typically sold as 'high speed steel'.

    If the trailer is steel, consider painting the exposed raw metal edges after drilling or coating them with a smear of heavy waterproof grease. This will reduce or delay the degree to which the steel around the holes will rust.

    Aluminum trailers will not rust. You can check for steel using a magnet. Magnet will not stick to aluminum, it will stick to steel.

    There are various tricks and tips related to drilling holes and mounting stuff on a trailer. Key is to plan out the entire thing and verify the pieces will fit and work properly in the place you intend to mount them. Holes cannot be undrilled

    Often there are wires for the trailer lights running inside the trailer frame rails, so check whether there may be wires behind the places you want to drill.

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    For best results start out with a 1/4" bit then drill with a 3/8" bit and finish with a 7/16" bit finish hole size. Tommy Jordan

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    Frame steel can be odd. I'd go with a better bit. Ti nitride or Cobalt black and tan.

    When I drilled my F350's frame for airbags I got 3 of the best bits I could. Start with a small 1/8" bit and work your way up.

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