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    Angry 2007 FX won't start when hot

    I have a newly purchased 2007 Yamaha FX 160hp ski. When I first get to the lake it fires right up and runs like perfect for as long as you have it on. Once you turn it off, even for a few seconds, it refuses to start back up. The ski turns over and a few times acts like it's about to start. Then nada. I have run the battery down once trying to get it going again. Had to tow it in. Ugh.

    Any suggestions what might cause this? I took it back to the place I bought it and they replaced the plugs and checked the compression. Once it sits and cools down it starts right back up.

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    it could be as simple as the fuel pump or temp sensor , or as bad as the ecu , its hard to tell unless its checked , have you pay attention to the fuel pump sound? all you have to do is to bump the switch and listen to the pump it should come on for few seconds.

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