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    FX CRUISER (2005) over heat indication and warning beep (bad bilge???)

    I recently had to replace the batteries in my 2005 FX Cruiser, and 2010 FX Cruiser SHO. Took them out on the water for the first time (after having run them in the driveway on the trailer just fine), and had an issue with the '05 FX Cruiser a minute into the ride.

    Over Temp indication and warning light/beep.

    Took her back to the trailer, shut her down, got her home, and started to look into what was wrong.
    1) With flushing water hooked up to the port, water flows fine.
    2) Checked the Thermostat. A little corroded, but I cleaned, and tested in a pot of almost boiling water. She opens and then closes when cooling just fine.
    3) With the thermostat out, and the thermostat housing still open, I fired her up with cooling water running into flushing port, and water begins to come out of the thermostat port, and is cold, but slowly gets warm as the machine runs.

    It appears as though everything is working as advertised... but I still get the LCD indication, and the warning light/beep.

    Did some digging online, and while ordering some replacement parts I came across a parts diagram, and one of them was for the bilge pump. I thought to myself "The bilge didn't run when I started it, and wasn't running when I shut it down". I run out and check, and yes, the bilge pump is toast. Cracked like nobodies business. I take it out, and she looks like this...
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Definitely bad...

    My question is this... can the bilge cause an over temp indication? I mean, does the wiring send info to the system to let it know it's working or not working? I honestly can't see how this affects the over temp situation, so I wanted to ask.

    Best thing is I found a problem and I have a new one on order to replace, along with some minor hardware pieces that are in need to replacement... but I still can't for the life of me figure out if the bilge is my over temp culprit or not. Thanks.
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    bilge has nothing to do with your over temp. Its not part of the cooling system and offers no indication of any kind if its working or not except for listening for it.

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    Well, that's what I figured. I realize it seems like a dumb question, but I'm just stumped at what may be doing the over temp warning. I guess I'm going to have to look at thermo sensors or something... not sure where to go with this, that's why I came here.

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    FX CRUISER (2005) over heat indication and warning beep (bad bilge???)

    YES Your blown bilge will absolutley cause your ski to act stupid.

    I had this happen on my sho twice. Once a few days ago while on tour about 15 miles from my shop. The bilge went bad and it started blowing fuel pump fuses and wouldnt carge the battery over 10 volts.

    Simply Unplug the bilge and try again to see if you over heat.

    Im deactivating my full time running bildge and adding a simple float switch setup from now on to avoid this issue anymore.

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    Bilge replaced, along with the mini 3amp fuse. Bildge works like a champ. Still have over-heating issues at turn on. Even after it's been sitting for days. So, I'm guessing this is some sort of 'open' sensor... something went bad or came disconnected. Any thoughts?

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    There are 2 sensors that can cause the overheat. You can disconnect one and try running it. If the alarm still sounds, try disconnecting the other. This should give you and idea of which one is faulty. If you look at this diagram it shows the engine thermo-sensor #8, which tends to be the faulty one more often in my experience. I think it might be pretty hard to replace without removing the engine.

    The other sensor is on the exhaust #12. Just trace the wire to the e box or wherever you find a connector and disconnect to see if the alarm stops.

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    Im gettin a code 15 buzz and light just after start. Unplugged all 3 sensors and the thermoswitch. Checked some of the wires. Found nothing so far. I will try the bilge next. And also heard that bad coils can cause the same. Anyone have any other ideas for this. ?? Appreciate any input.

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    Replaced the Blown 3a fuse. Bilge is running fine now. But still getting overheat buzz and code 15. Unplugged all 3 sensors again and left off battery for 5 mins.

    Any clues where to look next ?

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