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    Big Water Riding

    Neeeewbie here-

    Hello folks, been riding for three years because I recognized that a jetski is an awesome fishing flatform. Here's my problem- After 2 years of research I purchased an 2012 FXHO for riding offshore, or actually to fish. Adrenaline rushes I enjoy, but fishing is my passion. So, I go on lakes and ride to 60mph no problem, but going offshore....Different deal alltogether. Adjusting my approach, I've gone offshore up to 45miles out of cape hatteras, but got to tell you, I think the Atlantic gets a little angry compared to the pacific with swell period and wind speed and chop. I see the races of up to 60mph out of Dana point and I cant imagine keeping that up out here. Maybe I'm not riding fast enough, I dunno, but I feel like I can really feel the waves and adjust timing up to about 25-30 mph and then after that it's just hoping not to completely faceplow into the back of a wave or crash down on a wave and smash my head and fall in the drink. Thoughts?

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    ....or do I just need to do open throttle till I get use to the feel of going 45+mph in the the ocean and crash a few times?

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    25-30 sounds good to me. Can you hop a wave and downside the other side of the next one in those conditions? Or is it air and flat landings?

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    Hey Buliwyf, thanks you bring up a good point. Maybe I need to focus more on powering off one wave to get to the next until I can skip like a pebble with the right swell period. I usually try to maintain a speed that complements the swell period and be careful not to nosedown into the back of the next. I also will often run parallel to the waves if possible. My machine is also naturally aspirated so certainly will not get the kind of hookup as a 300hp kawi. Seems like the outer banks is always TORE UP with cross-hatch waves, between chop and swell.

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    I saw a guy that was running diagonal across one wave, then punch it on the downside and turn into the next wave and clear over the next wave and land on it's down side. Then diagonal again.

    Single, double, single, single, double. Zig zagging back and forth. It was awesome. None of the hard flat landing like I see on youtube.

    He wasn't going no 60mph either. Looked like 45. From what I heard, finding some local group rides and tours is the way to go to see how others do it. Not really something we can learn on our own.

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    When I rode the ocean outside of Wilmington I could get an average of 22-26mph comfortably. When I opened up to 35-40mph I could kiss the top of each wave then ride the downside and jump the swells. This was in 3-5ft seas with 8ft gaps, not fun ride going that fast for a long period. I wouldn't want to ride 45 miles out at that pace nevermind 45 miles on a ski straight out anyhow! I know skis are great platforms and I would use one down in FL for fishing but not in NC.

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    Thanks for the feedback. A 60mile race out of Oregon Inlet would be interesting vs the Pacific. And Yeah, I'd rather fish in florida anyway!

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    I ride offshore quite a bit and, as long as its not too rough, you can stay pretty well hooked up to the water around 30mph. The key is to vary your throttle based on the waves in front of you. For example, if you see that you're coming up a wave, let off the throttle just a bit at the top so your ski looses some momentum and then you stay hooked up on the water. I'm having a hard time explaining it, but with enough practice it will become totally second nature to you. You also need to consider the angle you hit the waves at. If you are hitting them head on, you'll probablly get more air than if you hit them at say a 45 degree angle. Again, its all about varying the throttle.

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