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Thread: milky oil

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    milky oil

    hi my friend jerry and the ohther forums members, writing from brazil sorry about the poor english...

    my fzs 2014 svho has 170 hours and excellently cared. today i ran for about 30 minutes and when i returned to the marina, the engine was completely sprayed with a vanilla color cream that came form the little kn filter from the breather upgrade...the engine area was dry, with no water, the riva power filter was ok, with the outwears film to keep water from entering the motor etc.

    to completely clean the internal parts of the engine, i changed the oil 4 (four !!) times, running the engine in the ocean (not flushing) for about ten minutes between the oil changes and the oil still look like milk with coffee...i am afraid the cooling water is leaking into the the engine, right? what should i do to find the problem? how should i proceed? do you know if is it a problem that occurs often? thank in advance

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    I would start with a compression test. You could have a blown gasket, causing the oil and water to leak. You want to see even compression across all four cylinders.

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    Thumbs up possible cracked cylinder head

    Possible cracked cylinder head, Look at this link play the video in post #3 on how to check your head for a possible crack. Tommy Jordan

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    Cracked oil cooler is another avenue too look at after you've done a leak down test to check the cylinder head gasket and had the head crack tested.

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