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    max 150 no throttle response

    Have 2 msx 150. Last year one lost all throttle response. It was ppu. Dealer said. This year other one does exact same thing. Before I order a 500 dollar ppu update kit, how do I confirm for sure that's what it is. I've cleaned maps, checked for water in intercooler, etc. Can it just be the little interface device by chance? Isn't there any ohm checks I can perform at ppu plug in, similar to checking a tps on other brands? Thanks. Or is this ppu update pretty much required to keep her going?

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    So the one that fritzed last year... the dealer replaced the PPU unit with another? Or did you put the PPU update kit on it? And that fixed it?

    PPU failures seem rare around here. They do happen... thus the offered WeberPower PPU Update kit ($370)... but not commonly reported here. So I'm curious... you loose all throttle? Will only just sit there an idle? Are you getting any red flashing lights or indicators on the dash?

    Here is what the service manual says:
    PPU Position Sensor 1
    Operating Voltage Range (0% to 80% OPEN)
    Tested Using Diagnostic Software
    .325 to .475 vDC @ 0% / 3.5 to 3.9 vDC @ 80%

    PPU Position Sensor 2
    Operating Voltage Range (0% to 40% OPEN)
    Tested Using Diagnostic Software
    .125 to .275 vDC @ 0% / 1.7 to 2.0 vDC @ 40%

    The ECU will cut power to the ETB in the event of a PPU, TPS, or wiring failure. When in the limp--home mode,
    the throttle plate returns to it default, non--power position. This position represents 6% open or approximately
    1750 RPM.
    The diagnostic software would be dealer-only Digitial Wrench. Would need to be plugged into your ski to see what values the 2 sensors are giving for a throttle sweep.

    Here's ETB/PPU info from the service manual
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MSX-ETB_PPU_Manual_Info.jpg 
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    And here's the ETB/PPU troubleshooting guide from the service manual
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	ETB-PPU_Troubleshoot.jpg 
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    Hope that helps.


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    The dealer said they put new ppu in it, I assumed it was a weber kit. Yes flashing red lght, and zero throttle response, just idles. Every once in while I get maybe a hundred or two rpm jump. But it pretty much stays at idle. Not overheating and problem occurred suddenly, was running perfect. I see weber offers two different kits. I do have manuals, but appears it's based around digital wrench. The ppu appears to be a reastat of some type, just thought maybe an resistance readings could be made as u advance throttle lever up and down, like you can on many tps units.

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    Well... the good thing is... you have 2 MSX 150s. So take the PPU from the good working one and put it in the bad one. Do the ETB relearn procedure (as detailed in attachments above) and give it a whirl. If it fixes the issue, then you've determined your problem.


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    Don't forget to check that the throttle butterfly will actually move, I've had one come out off winter storage seized.

    Just read it happened suddenly, so probably not the issue, check it manually for movement anyway.

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    Yikes I believe weber is out of the ppu upgrade kits better call asap and find out

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