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    Making a multi-ski trailer from a pontoon boat trailer or regular boat trailer.

    I just have a single trailer. But have been looking at better double and quad trailers. Where in the world do they get their pricing. Quad trailers seem to be serious $$$ unless I'm missing something. Someone selling reasonably priced quad trailers with tandem axles?

    Thinking about just making my own from a used boat trailer or even a pontoon boat trailer. Just hack the bunks off, move them over, cover them with the white plastic slides. Add two forward winches and 2 removable winches for the rearward skis. Add some ratchet strap loops. Easy, right?

    Start with something like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Or this $1600 pontoon boat trailer, just need bunks moved over and adjusted, no big deal:
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    Spending $4000 on a multi ski trailer, that we're just going to hack up and modify anyway doesn't make sense to me.
    And often, the pontoon boats can be had with tandem axles.

    Not like this though:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Your on the right path with the pontoon trailer. You'll have to figure out how to lower the axles. Pontoons normally sit really high

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    Yeah, the second pic is the weird pontoon style trailer that supports the pontoons instead of reaching up and supporting the main chassis. Which is cool because it give us bunks to chop up and adjust. just have to find one that's rated for 4000 pounds. That'll be the tough part.

    Since the trailer is so darn long. it should be easy to get the rear ski's off, even if the trailer is a little tall. And with teflon pads on the forward ski's, I'm hopeing to be able to just slide them down the trailer by hand like we do going from trailer to dolly. Because the forward skis will be high and dry due to the height of the trailer. I could extend the rear of the bunks to reach into the water further.

    And the slides I'll add:
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    Unless you are hauling small skis you are going to need more than a 4000 pound capacity.

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    Youre going to possibly overload a cheap ass dinky trailer trying to max it out to the limit. There is a reson why these large trailers cost what they do, and thats because they are bullt and designed to handle the kinds of load that multiple fully loaded skis weigh.

    Youre playing with fire by over weighing (or even coming close) to the max weight linit on a trailer.

    Ive seen a lot of people waste a lot of time and money building bs trailers that end up costing them money, time and aggravation in the long run. Always fixing, tweaking, having to readjust things will get old. There is no better peace of mind then having the right tools for the job. Otherwise, its a ticking time bomb. And someone else is likely to get hurt.

    Good luck, ive built /rebuilt quite a few jet ski purpose trailers, for my rental company. Simple stuff..but almost always a pain in the ass.

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    Yeah, I might scratch build a trailer or start with a heavier 25' trailer. Something with thicker beams. Axles and springs are cake to deal with. I'd like a tandem anyways in case of a flat in a bad spot. (ratchet strap on the axle to get to a more convenient spot)

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    With the pontoon trailer you'll have to move the bunks inward as well. If left where they are, skis are too wide and hang over the tires making the overall width a legal issue. If that's addressed, 4 GPR'S will work fine, anything bigger and weight becomes another issue. It can be done though.

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    Yeah, if we go Pontoon trailer. The bunks will get chopped off, realigned, and moved.

    After seeing so many rotten trailer frames, even Triton! I think I might scratch the pontoon trailer idea and go straight to a tandem axle boat trailer (6000pounds). I've seen a few with much thicker frames that won't rust through (I beams even). Will need to remove some spring maybe.

    Still just brain storming. I got a year before I start this project.

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