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    Idle but no power - RXT 255

    Hey everyone!

    I was riding my 2008 RXT 255 yesterday and it was totally fine.

    I came home, flushed it like always, and went out this morning. Fired up just fine, but would only move at idle speed or with the tiniest bit of throttle. If given more throttle it revs up but does not move.

    I checked the impeller (as far as what I could see from underneath). I ride in black water and it's pretty nasty, but I'm very careful about cleaning afterwards. Owners manual says it could be water fouled the motor?????????????? I just had them serviced and everything checked out fine.

    Any ideas before I take it in to the shop?


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    any leaks from the carbon seal?

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    Maybe something is causing it to cavitate. Pull the pump off and check

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    Thanks for the help! Turn out there was a little piece of wood in the prop that I coul see without taking off the grate! All good now!

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