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    06 GPR Exhaust Removal

    I know it's been touched on many times but I'm not sure what im doing wrong, I've got everthing loose and unbolted but exhaust is coming out. I have movement but not enough to get it out, and I know Ive done enough cusikng. Any tips?

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    make sure the lower bracket is off the engine not just disconnected from the stinger.

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    Caps GPR, I know the feeling. I have now removed my entire exhaust system at least over 1/2 dozen times for various mods. It is still & always will be a real PITA ! (pain in the ass, LOL).
    However, I have found that if you have removed all the bolts thing that seems to make it so much easier is to remove the battery box and set it aside, then undo the waterbox rubber restraining strap. You can now move the water box freely back and it will allow for a lot more room & flex to move your stinger section. It is OK to pull it a little against the side of the ski. You can put duct tape on the side edge so as to lessen the scrapes you will get. yes, very tight fit ..... check out any sticky video you can watch. Where are you located ?

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    I have also tried the cussing and that doesn't help getting it out either. You do have the section where the stinger and the exhaust meet loose? You will have to loosen the big clamps that are on the outside and also once you slide it forward you will have to loosen the rear most clamp on the inside.

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    I just did my d plate on 2005 remove battery box it was pretty easy from there. Make sure you have enough slack on the metal clamps so they can move easily.

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