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    Switching out 97 SPX MPEM for 96 XP MPEM

    Well I've run into a quandary. I ended up purchasing a Spec II pipe for my 97SPX but the ECWI/rev limit is designed fora 96XP which will not work on the updated 97SPX MPEM. Trying to find an ECWI/RL for a 97-99SPX is going to be pretty much impossible.

    So the only other option I have is to swap in an MPEM from a 96. I'm not really familiar with the MPEM's on those ski's other than I know the SPX has an integrated CDI whereas the 96 is the older style. Are the boxes the same (96 will drop into place where 97 was)? Am I going to be losing anything else by going back to the older style box? I'm converting over to a single gauge hood so I will only be running one gauge. I'm assuming I can leave the other ones unhooked? Do I need to run a 96 guage instead of the one from my 97?


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    I have done it many time , it will run and be fine ...

    I think u loose vts gauge , just need to swap plug to work

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    I've got extra mpems/cdi if needed for 96xp

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mpeavler View Post
    I've got extra mpems/cdi if needed for 96xp
    Thanks. I have the MPEM/CDI covered; just wanted to make sure there would be no issues with it.

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