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    Update on no spark issue on 2002 Polaris Virage 800i

    Ok, boys and girls...this is where i stand as of this AM.

    2002 polaris virage 800i originally had a no spark issue. now i have a hard starting and rough idle.

    1) Stator and rotor continuity check found grounded. replaced and checked good.
    2) i have voltage to the Fuel injectors start and run voltage within spec.
    3) i have good fuel pressure to the inlet side of the injectors. start and run psi within spec.
    4) replace (re-seated) the fuel reg internal to tank. also replaced fuel pump new in box.
    5) replaced the primary and secondary ignition coil..out of spec
    6) replaced the short MAG spark plug wire. out of spec
    7) replaced the TPS. No change on hard starting and rough idle cut out.
    8 )removed the EMM, took off back cover and no apparent "sizzling" to EMM, don't know if the EMM has an internal issue yet.
    9) CPS was within spec, but i didn't wipe down the face after replacing the stator and rotor, there was a lot of magnetic dust fibers throughout the housing.
    10) NO MFI soft or hard lights indication. MFI sweeps and reads correctly, on wake up and during crank and idle. ski will NOT idle at the 1150rpm. rough and only when i throttle and will eventually cut out. will only start with prime fluid or gas.
    11) i have the correct spark plugs, but they appear sooty black but not wet. both MAG and PTO cylinder.
    12) oil pump was adjusted to mark. originally out of adjustment.

    1) could small material from fragmentation of magnets on face of the CPS affect signal for spark?....i have good spark, but cant determine if the spark is correct. indication through a spark plug light tool.
    2) how do i determine if the injectors are actually firing?
    3) is the EMM the culprit?

    i feel that all that is left is the EMM or injectors are not firing correctly or issue with the signal, but why not even an IDLE? i have good fuel, good spark.

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    Injectors are delivering (some) fuel or the Ficht engine would not idle or run after burning off the initial fuel priming charge.

    The EMM is in complete control of the fuel injectors, as long as the injector feed voltage on White/Red wires is within specification (45 volts with engine running).

    Original and never repaired EMM are likely to need repair. The age factor generally cannot be overcome other than replacing the degraded internal electronic component(s).

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    confirmed, called Harris at and was saying that 99% of EMMs that come thru failed. sending EMM off today to put this mystery to bed, now that we found a new repair shop that services the Ficht.

    seems knowledgeable with the Polaris ski 800 and 1200 injected and usual suspected issues. besides the obvious stator and rotor failure he was saying a simple TPS unplug will tell if EMM is suspect, and further diagnosis (troubleshooting) with a faulty EMM installed will further erode the EMM internals and secondary systems..."when in doubt send it out".

    so i got the upgraded 1 year warranty and got some worthy knowledge thru Greenhulk with this ski working through the systems, as well as other cool i pretty much rebuilt the ski so hopefully many many more hours of riding will happen. as the great mechanic god in the sky said...."Who said knowledge is cheap"?

    I will update with status of repair and customer service to share.

    i will remain optimistic that this will fix the issues....cant turn back now. not to mention with the emissions ban on all of my favorite desert lakes i need an injected ski. still cheaper than newer or new used.
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    Got the EMM back from Harris at and installed it and fired up first time. took it to the houseboat trip on lake Mohave and did not have 1 issue. not one hard start, nothing. ran like a champ.

    thanks to all who gave advice on the polaris. works great!

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