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    Arrow 1996 Polaris SLT700, Updated Ignition with no spark

    Hi i have read your post about the polaris ignition systems i have a 96 polaris slt700 with upgraded ignition kit. I installed the kit about 3-4 years ago and the machine ran great i pulled it out this year Connected it to my TRUCK battery and tried to crank it. I have no spark. I have a ranging voltage @ primary of ignition coil while cranking up to 30vdc would this mean my stator and cdi are good? I have continuity between primary side of ignition coil and about .6-0.7 ohms. Seconday side of ignition coil i have no continuity, but about 2900 ohms. No continuity through plug wires but about 3000 ohms.

    I am leaning toward the ignition coil or plug wires after comparing my readings to the ones you posted i just want to be certain before i spend $100+ on a coil. Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Have you worked through the diagnostics shown via my signature links?

    Note that boosting these engines via an external battery is not recommended. There is a real risk of damaging the watercraft electronics.

    Best option is to install a proper battery in the watercraft. I recommend the Deka ETX16 factory sealed AGM battery.

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    After the truck battery and getting no spark I realized it probably was a bad idea. So I swapped to a lawnmower battery with the same results I know from your posts the machine needs 10.6v while cranking for spark that is one thing I did not check for two reasons. First because I had used that battery with no trouble before and second because I was getting voltage @ primary side of ignition coil.

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