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    2003 seadoo sportster 4tec

    Hi, I have the above mentioned 2003 Sportster 4TEC which was no end of frustration last summer. When we stored it for the winter after summer 2013, she was running great. We ran the gas tank dry, made sure it had antifreeze and put it on the trailer as we do every year. Last spring we filled it with gas checked the oil and coolant and dropped it in the lake. She ran like crap. No bottom end, no top end, stumbled just awful. We added fuel additives, but no change. We pulled the boat, checked the fuel filter, clean. Checked the fuel pressure, dead on, checked the coil packs, all good, pulled each injector, pretty patterns and changed the spark plugs. We even did a compression test on each cylinder and while one was alittle soft it was not out of range. I am pretty sure the engine is running rich, it burned a lot of fuel, and smelled "sweet". Myself and my mechanic can not find a way to lean it out, if that is the problem. Do the injectors need replacement? I know it is not going to run nice this year with out help. Please help! Thank you,

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    Maybe you have a bad batch of gas? Did you check the fuel pressure under load or at idle? I personally do not like to store with a dry tank as the fuel pump will tend to corrode outside of the wet environment.

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    Interesting thoughts, 8, I know the gas was good at some point because not only did we run the Seafoam stuff through the tank 3 times, but we went through plenty of gas. Our fuel pressure gauge is a hose end so we only tested the pump. As soon as the "key" was plugged in the gauge hit 46 psi. Any other thoughts, I'm open to anything.

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