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    Help After Engine Rebuild

    Hello, I have a 2003 XLT 1200 i just rebuilt the motor on. This was my first rebuild and need some guidance. I got it all back together and it fired right up so i hooked it up to the hose and when it it it was spraying water out the head gasket. I pulled the head and am looking for guidance on howto proceed. I am worried about water getting into the case. Should i rip it all back down? also i have attached a picture of the new cylinder are these markings normal? also #3 looks "dirty" compared to #1 and #2 should i be concerned? any help is appreciated!
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    Did you pressure test motor before you dropped back in ski?

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    i did pressure test and it passed with flying colors dropped less than a pound over in 20 min. Could the hose pressure have been to high?

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    Did you use a torque wrench on the head bolts?

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    Yes torqued to specs per the manual

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    Hello I feel your pain! However, just a thought is it possible you may have installed the gasket incorrectly! It is possible. Ask me how I know. Even the correct torque on the head bolts will not stop the water from having to blow out somewhere under pressure if gasket is on wrong. Good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by aloosen View Post
    Yes torqued to specs per the manual
    i have seen head bolts stretch few mill , check all your bolts to make sure they are the right lent .

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    problem solved

    I get the idiot award today! After looking at the photo below from after the rebuild I see I had the gasket on wrong I swapped it and fired it up again and no leaks! Did a compression test and it is the same across all three cylinders (80psi on all three but I think that is due to a cheap harbor freight gauge) so this weekend take it to a lake and see how it goes! Thanks for all the input I could have never done this without the forum!
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    Did any water get into the engine? (on top of piston or down on crank) .I'd run it on the hose for a good while to make sure it's dry(with some rpms) until you can run it.Rust forms fast.

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    I like the engine indoors pic =). Reminds me of the weird looks my wife would give me when putting mine back together on the coffee table around christmas time.

    Glad you found the leak problem! I was getting a little worried myself with the problem you were having as I just fired my engine up the 1st time this weekend on the hose. Dunno how many times I kept pulling the plugs checking for water in the cylinders. Have fun!!

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