Just had a big monkey wrench tossed in my plans. Over the winter I had examined my pistons with a borescope. I didn't like what I saw, nothing damaging just one piston near perfect and 2 real rich. To rule out the injectors I sent them off to Dr. Injector to be tested and they were as perfect as they'll ever get. My plan was to add EGT probes and try and balance out the temps better. I was going to use the CMD's Advanced cylinder mode to tweak the individual fueling to each cylinders to balance the temps. It just occured to me "how does Autotune behave when using Advanced cylinder mode". I would think if it decides a trim increase of 2% is needed it then adds this value to whatever value is in that cell for each cylinder. In other words say at 6k cyl#1=8, cyl#2=9,cyl=#3=10, these being my tweaked values because under "Basic mode" they're all the same. So now Autotune then adds the 2% to each value. This was my hope and logically how I believe it should work yet I'm being told if you use Advance cylinder mode with Autotune enabled the trim value will only get added to cyl#1 only...say what? When would we ever want that? Has anyone else done this setup? If this is true I guess I'll have to say goodbye to Autotune to prob just use the 3 trim ranges in the LCD-200 for air temp change days if needed.