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    Lightbulb 1995 sea doo xp battery...what's a good battery?

    Any information on a good battery for a 95 xp?

    Seems like I buy a new battery every years. Maybe I haven't been maintaining it correctly.

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    Buy a good AGM type and take it out over the winter. While it's out over the winter charge it monthly. Missing the rubber pad is bad for batteries as well, shocks, bumps, jars, and general beating around inside the ski while riding and on the trailer is very hard on them and shortens the life.
    As far as a brand... i can't recommend shelling out the $$$ for a yousa, but they are really good. I just buy whatever the parts house or walmart has, but i make sure i get AGM type. My batteries are lasting 5 years plus...

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    Get an odyssey PC 625

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mpeavler View Post
    Get an odyssey PC 625

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    I go with DEKA, no mystery there. Buying a lead acid battery is simply setting fire to your time and money. I did sell the ody at one time, but gave up on that( stories posted elsewhere)

    Most chain auto parts store carries their branded version of the DEKA..just look for the really solid terminal design.

    Make sure not to buy two year old stock. There is a sticker on the side that indicates month(by letter) and year of shipment from the main distributor

    you can't really go wrong with an AGM from these vendors.

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