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    Dang I caught a lot of fish yesterday! Dang I broke down on the way back in!

    Yesterday I dropped my jet ski at Messick boat ramp in Poquoson, Va. and headed across to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to fish for Tautog again. Season ends May 1st so I wanted to get a couple more trips in before then.
    The 15 mile trip was not bad but the wind steadily picked up once I got there. 20 kt winds out of NW with four footers make difficult bottom fishing around bridge plies and rocky bottom. I only caught two fish the first two hours.
    finally the wind and tide both slowed down and I settled into a good spot. Over the next hour and a half I pulled up 22 more Tautog all in the same spot using live fiddler crabs for bait.

    I counted my blessing and headed back across the Chesapeake Bay for home.

    Unfortunately about four miles short of getting back my ski made a sickly whirring sound and cut off. I could not get it to turn over over much less start. With no other boats in sight I called Sea Tow and and gave them my Lat/ Long. Luckily it was a slow day for them cause the were there in only about forty five minutes and I was back at the ramp shortly after that. Sometimes towing insurance pays off!

    Dropped my ski off at the shop today, I am not optimistic by the sounds of it but I should know if it is the engine by tomorrow. Luckily for me I have Back Up Skis. Ha!

    Here are some pictures I too while out and couple at home.

    My neighbor recently pointed out some "Marsh Asparagus" he saw on his property. So last night my wife and I looked around the edges of our wetlands and found several small patches of them.

    Of course I had to take some pictures of the wildlife here also.

    I am always looking up to try and catch these shots.

    Dang! Even with the breakdown it was still a Dandy Day!

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    Amazing captures, Brian! Hope everything turns out ok with your main rig, absolutely jealous with all the great photos and trips you get in!

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    Amazing pictures as always!

    Is that the ski you put a SBT motor in? How many hours are on it?

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    Gotta love SeaTow....they saved my arse before.

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    After putting it off for over a year, just joined. Hopefully wont have to use 'em..


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    Thanks! Need to rebuild, this one was not an SBT it made it 1100 hours.

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