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    Need Advice: Suspicious Dealer Behavior?

    Edited: Dealer came through on sale. Thanks all for your help!
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    No no no and one more no. Simple as that, no paper work, no title, unseen boat I would walk. Don't care what his excuses are.

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    So should I ask that he produce Ski and Paperwork first then come forth with the check for the balance? Or walk away completely sans my deposit?

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    Hi Greg-
    I've been in sales for 25 years and imo, the dealer is trying to close the deal before the end of the month. It's a large purchase and personally, I would never hand over a check without inspecting the ski first. Maybe the warehouse can't get the ski there before Friday-- I mean hey, warehouse people and salespeople have different views in regards to 'the end of the month'. I purchased a ski 2 years ago and it was expensive. I inspected the ski, looked at the motor, asked lots of questions and it wasn't until I was satisfied with it, that I handed over that money. What if the truck got into an accident with your ski on the back? Or it got damaged? I'd say, wait until you see it. Just my two cents--


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    Quote Originally Posted by awarrick View Post
    Hi Greg-
    I inspected the ski, looked at the motor, asked lots of questions and it wasn't until I was satisfied with it, that I handed over that money. What if the truck got into an accident with your ski on the back? Or it got damaged? I'd say, wait until you see it.
    These are my exact sentiments. I need to see what I am buying before I sign on the dotted line, despite being brand new. Even if he has a quota to hit, this is a lot of risk to ask I assume in the sale. Also the purchase order is signed and dated as of 4/25 - isn't this good enough for him to argue the sale was made in April?

    Thanks again all for your help

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    You might be dealing with a incompetent sales person. Ask for a Manager or even owner. There has to be a HIN on the invoice even if it's in transit. And if it doesn't arrive before the end of month then it goes on next months sales. Your deposit should be sufficient good faith that your a serious buyer. See what the manager says and no money til you receive the Jetski.

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    A deposit is fine. I would not pay any more than you already have. As awarrick said, the 'Ski could be damaged in shipping. If your sales contract had that particular HIN on it, you're screwed.

    Tell them that they've got all they're going to get until you see it out of the crate.

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    The deposit was plenty to make sure you're serious. With bigger bike/ski shops, I won't even put that down. Except for my Ducati. I'm making payments on that. I had to go to their/my Credit Union, who technically owns the bike, to sign the contract. I picked the bike up a weekend later. But a pro Ducati shop is a step above a hole in the wall ski dealer.

    If you paying cash on the spot, none of that is needed. They just call your bank to make sure the funds are available for whatever check you give them, and off you go.

    They'll get the rest when you pickup the ski. When I leave with the ski or motorcycle is when they get paid in full. Never before. A big dealer can handle it. If they can't, they're not a big dealer. The VIN or HN doesn't get signed over to you until you take delivery.

    Big dealers don't pay for bikes and ski's. They sit on the showroom floor for FREE. They get a cut selling them for Kawa, Suz, Yam, whoever. Small time dealers have to buy the ski. Still doesn't matter though. They eat the cost of the ski until it changes hands.

    If the deal goes through ok, but they're a pain the whole time. Give them bad marks on the customer survey Kawa sends. Someones in a hurry to balance the books or get ahead on their paperwork. Neither is a good reason to scare customers.

    Let them know that paying for a ski, truck, bike, car sight unseen is more then you can handle. That kind of stuff is for rich people. They should be able to understand.

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    No full payment until the ski arrives, no excuses, the salesman gets a selling commission, & if the sale isn't completed by the end of the month, he or she may have to wait 2 to 4 weeks to get commission from that sale, not your issue, you certainly want to see the ski before you pay for it.

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    Agree with all...this is why it's best to shop for vehicles near the end of the month. Sales guys want to get their commission.

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