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    SL 750 starting problem

    So I went ahead and bought another jetski non running, this one is in much better shape and all electrical works, put a new battery in and all the gauges turn on but when I go to start it all It does is click? Any clue as to what this is?? Thanks

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    Pull the plugs and try to rotate the motor by hand at the PTO coupler. If it wont turn, remove the jet pump and try again. If it still wont turn, the motor is locked up. Time to pop off the heads and see what is going on.....

    If it will turn by hand, need to check connections at the starter. If the battery gets warm when doing this, the starter may be seized. Time to remove and inspect the starter. If the starter looks good, rotates, freely, and will operate when not installed in the motor, the bendix may be locked up. Time to pull the flywheel housing apart and have a look.....

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