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    First Day of Superjet ownership

    Hi everyone,
    Since I sold my VXR last year I have always missed being out on the water, blasting through the waves in the sun so I had to buy another ski except this time I bought a new Yamaha Superjet.
    Well, needless to say this thing kicked my butt today and worn me out so much that I am surprised I can type this thread.
    Of course the first challenge for a guy like me, 6.1, 250lb was to get on it successfully. One thing that I noticed was that my elbows were slipping bad every time I tried to give it throttle and pull myself up on the ski using my elbows on the sides. The material on the sides is not the same as the slip resistant material you stand on so my question: Is there any aftermarket non slip patches that I can buy to prevent my elbows from slipping every time?

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    Hydroturf. Buy a sheet and do whatever you want with it.

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    After a few more trips to the lake you will be able to stand in about 2-3' of water and gun it going straight to shredding with one knee in the tray. Takes some practice or you would have had to start out on a JS550. They are like riding a football in the water.

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    Practice Practice Practice, thats all there is to it

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