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    Videos: Keep Your Yamaha Cooler And Making More Power With RIVA Cooling Kits

    Anybody who knows anything about performance will attest that it’s all about power-to-weight ratios. While the Kawasaki Ultra 310X is cranking out some serious ponies, it’s heft brings the big JetSki’s horsepower-per-pound to 0.29 HP per pound. Meanwhile, although the sleek Yamaha SVHO only spits out a little less than 260 horsepower, the use of its NanoXcel2 lightweight hull and deck material radically increases its ratio to 0.33 HP per pound.

    While that difference of 4 horsepower might sound miniscule, were the Kawi and Yamaha to weigh the same – say a nice round number like 1,000 pounds, that’d be a difference of 40 horsepower in the SVHO’s favor. So what would happen if the SVHO spat out a whole heck of a lot more grunt? Well, you’d have a rocket on your hands, wouldn’t you? And conventional wisdom has shown that there’s a lot of untapped potential within the big 1,812cc supercharged 4-cylinder.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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