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    2006 RXP new project

    Hi guys, after a few years I'm back on a ski.

    Purchased it for $1k. 1 owner ski. not sure about hours.

    gauges are dead and badly damaged from the sun. Purchase new or does anyone fix them?

    Hull needs to be buffed, seat needs to be upholstered. Will be taken care of ASAP.

    Steering cable is locked, handlebars don't move at all. Not sure whether its worth it to try lubing it or just buy a new one.

    After 3 years of sitting I swapped out the battery and got it to start right up. Minor white smoke coming from exhaust.
    However, although it started so easily, once i checked compression it was at 25 psi on cylinder 3 and on 20psi on cylinders 2 and 1.
    I know my compression gauge isn't messed up because i just used it to check compression on a car and it was perfect.
    I just find it weird that it would even start with such low compression.

    Oil was nice and clean, plugs were a nice brown color. Not sure where to start with this thing.


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    Yeah I wouldn't believe it would run with those compression numbers either. Try with another gauge, then try a leak down test to determine if the valves are leaking or it's if its the rings.

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    It is good it is running, but it would not run on 20psi. For the steering, I would disconnect the steering at the pump and under the handle bars first. See if it is the pump, physical bars or the cable that is locked up.

    For the gauge cluster, I would look for a used one, but remember that it will need to be mated to the ecu with candoo or a buds.

    Good Luck

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    Got the motor out and head off. Looks like its just rings. Going to check the valves and see if this thing has the hollow exhaust valves or not.

    While I'm at it I'm going to take apart the whole motor to clean, paint and install new gaskets and seals.

    Cylinders look good to me, what do you guys think?

    What piston ring brand or kit do you guys recommend.

    What gasket kit do you guys recommend?

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    Go with OEM parts. Looks like a little rust in the cylinder. The rings might be stuck to the pistons if it's been sitting like that for a while. If so you might get by with a hone and new rings. Make sure to check the piston/cylinder wall clearance. Check the numbers on the end of the valve stems, that'll tell you which ones you have. Most likely they're the bad ones.

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    I still dont know what the hell was wrong with the compression. Took the motor apart and rings are perfect. Took the head apart, its perfect. The exhaust valves are definitely the bad ones, they say 72 on them. I ordered the new rings and new complete engine gasket kit as well as a new steering cable. The cable was definitely screwed. I'm not sure about what to do with the valves. Not planning on racing or modifying the ski. Maybe just a rear exit thru hull exhaust for sound. How important is it to change out the exhaust valves? which brand should I use and what parts should I buy?

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    you have the head is the time to upgrade
    drop a valve and the whole motor is scrap

    springs are a cheap upgrade with new valves

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