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    02 GTX DI Not Starting

    I just got my motor back from Seadoo Engine Shop and put it in. Ski ran great for a couple of hours, then it died. Battery was low after I got it back to my shop. It was at 12.00. I charged it, and it is holding at 13.2V.

    I have fuel, I have spark, I have fuel pressure at 107. What am I missing? Could the temporary low battery voltage have caused an issue? Compression on motor is good and verified some things with SES. I'm a little lost on the next steps other than a battery load test, but would that cause a no start issue? It does not fire/combust at all.

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    Just tested and cranking voltage is at 11.2V if that is helpful.

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    Battery good 325cca at 12.75V.

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    Check your fuses on the MPEM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myself View Post
    Check your fuses on the MPEM.
    They're all good. Even checked the fuse in the rear box as well.

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