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    MSX150 water in oil, limp mode

    Hi i got Polaris MSX 150 it go in limp mode .
    And it got water in the oil
    can it be the turbo win i start up the Polaris MSX 150 and i look down the you see oil come out of the turbo
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    You've got your hands full there.

    Where are you located?

    When did it last run properly?

    Is the ski new to you? Recent purchase? What's the history of the ski?

    Are you seeing water in the oil on the oil tank dipstick? Do you still have the stock round metal oil tank? Are you sure it's water and not coolant? Is your coolant level dropping at all?

    It's not uncommon for the stock oil tank to leak from their water jacket into the oil chamber. This would require a new oil tank (the upgrade kit from Weber Power) and multiple oil flushes to get rid of the water in the oil.

    Oil out of the turbo? Where are you looking that you see this oil out of the turbo? The compressor intake or outlet? Is there oil in the turbo-to-intercooler hose? How about in the intercooler-to-intake hardpipe? If so... that's bad. Oil ingestion (as we call it) fouls MAP sensors and really messes with the ECU (limp mode) and is hard to get cleared from the ECU.

    Tell us more and we'll try to help. Start by looking through the below link.



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